Announcements (Monday January 27, 2020)

Final Project (Mon December 5, 2016)

Final written projects should be a one-page essay (15-20 complete sentences) about you, your family, and your house, or a transcript of an interview with a native speaker.

You can type your write your essay, or interview transcript.

Please submit a rough draft in class for review before submitting final paper.

The final project is due the day of the final examination.

The best essays will be submitted for consideration in the Asian and Asian American Studies annual Chinese Essay Contest during the spring semester.

Final Oral Examination (Mon December 5, 2016)

Present a dialogue with one or two of your classmates. Use a dialogue from one of the lessons covered this semester as a base. You can make changes to include additional vocabulary and grammar from different lessons. You can make the presentation in class, or submit a video presentation.

Please see the Presentation Rubric for grading guidelines.

Extra Credit Poem (Mon December 5, 2016)

You can find a recording of the poem 靜夜思 by 李白  on the 101 website:
Midterm Oral Presentation (Wed October 5, 2016)

The presentation part of the midterm should consist of at least ten sentences explaining your daily routine. Below is a list of some questions you may answer during your presentation:
  • What time you wake up.
  • What you do afterwards.
  • When you go to school.
  • How you get to school.
  • Do you travel with someone?
  • What time does your class start?
  • How long is your class?
  • What subject?
  • When do you get out of class.
  • What do you do after class?
  • Do you eat on campus?
  • Do you go to the library?
  • What time do you return home?
  • What do you do after returning home?
  • When do you eat dinner?
  • When do you study?
  • When do you go to bed?
Midterm Oral Schedule (Thu September 29, 2016)

Please check with instructor for scheduled times 
L17 Test Results (Tue September 20, 2016)

The test results for lesson 17 have been posted to your gradebook. The average score was 43/50.

If you would like to improve your score you can get some extra points by improving and expanding on your original response in the short passage question.

Chapter 17 Test on Monday (Mon September 19, 2016)

The test for chapter 17 will be on Monday, September 26.  
Logging In (Mon August 29, 2016)

Students enrolled in Chinese 102 section 1 can now log in to access grade information.
Recording/Speaking (Sun August 28, 2016)

The recording function is at present not working. Please make sure that you are confident in your ability to perform the tasks outlined in each of the recording assignments. I will select several student in class to present parts or all of the speaking activities, but will not require the submission of recordings for the time being.
Homework 15 (Mon August 22, 2016)

對不起!The homework assignment "L15 Vocabulary Review" will be done in class. Sorry for the confusion. 
歡迎你跟我學中文! (Sun August 21, 2016)

大家好 (dà jiā hăo) and welcome to Chinese 102! It is great that you can continue your study of Chinese. I hope that this semester will be an interesting and rewarding experience.

My name is Jeff Winters. I will be the instructor for this course. I'm the Language Lab Director at CSULB. I also have the great opportunity to teach Chinese 102 this semester. I have been studying Chinese for 30 years now, and teaching Mandarin for over ten. I hope that you will find the Chinese language and culture as interesting as I have.

Use the menu at the top of the page to access information related to the course. In the Faculty area, you'll find faculty office hours for the semester, and additional contact information.

In the Syllabus area, you will find details about the course, my expectations, an overview of all assignments, and information about grading and assessment. This is the first information you should read.

The Schedule area lists the topics discussed and the homework assignments due each class meeting.

The Study Guides and Grammar areas contain detailed information about each lesson including interesting links to Chinese language and cultural sites. The Assignments area is where you'll find information about each assignment. These are the two areas you will probably use most during the semester.

In the Gradebook area you will be able to access up-to-date grade information for each assignment, quizzes, and other graded activities.

There is much information available on this site and on the Internet which can enhance your Chinese learning experience. I encourage you to take advantage of this resource.