Announcements (Sunday January 26, 2020)

危险边缘Jeopardy! (Wed December 13, 2017)

Jeopardy的中文是"危险边缘"[Wéixiǎn biānyuán]。老师做了一个给你们玩儿。

Li Bai Poem (Wed December 6, 2017)

Memorize the Li Bai poem for extra-credit points on the final.
你想吃什么菜? (Mon December 4, 2017)

  1. 你喜欢吃肉还是青菜?
    Watch the following Real Chinese BBC video. While you are watching write down four Chinese dishes you like or would like to try some day.
  2. 看了菜单 以后,现在请你帮小谢和小张点菜。
听力考试 Oral Final Examination (Fri December 1, 2017)

Oral Examination Lessons 9-12:
Work with a classmate to create a five minute dialogue covering the information covered over the semester. Your dialogue should concentrate on material in lessons 11 and 12. Use at least 80% of the vocabulary from those lessons and all of the grammar points. You can use the examples in your textbook and from the following recorded audio: Record your dialogue and submit it to the Beachboard dropbox by 10PM on the due date, 十二月十三号.
想再听”买你“吗? (Thu October 26, 2017)


期中会话考试 Midterm Conversation Exam (Fri October 6, 2017)

练习第十课的生词 (Thu September 21, 2017)


Table Building Practice
第九课听力(Listening Comprehension) (Wed September 13, 2017)

Listen to the audio files at the following link. Jot down the important points from what you hear and discuss them next time in class.
Integrated Chinese Lesson 9 Supplemental Audio from UC Berkley
你用GoogleTranslate写功课吗? (Fri September 8, 2017)

Here is an example of what I go through when people rely on Google Translate to do their homework.
更多生词练习 (Fri September 1, 2017)

请用这个Table Building Practice Lesson 9来复习第九课的生词。
生词练习 (Wed August 23, 2017)

Table Building Practice Lessons 1-8
欢迎你学习中文 (Fri August 18, 2017)

 老师很高兴能跟你们一起学习中文。中文201要用Integrated Chinese课本。这个学期要学第9到第13课。