Announcements (Sunday January 26, 2020)

分数算错了! (Wed May 9, 2018)

真对不起! I just realized that there was only one test in the test category  which made it worth more than the midterm and final. That didn't seem right, so I moved some of the test points into the homework category. Now tests comprises 10% of the grade and homework 40%.

Please check your grades again. I realize this is very late in the semester to make changes like this. If you have any problems or suggestions don't hesitate to bring them up in our next class meeting.

期末考试 (Mon May 7, 2018)

Oral finals should be based on one of the dialogues from the textbook or workbook lessons 14-15, or the recorded supplemental dialogues for lesson 14 and lesson 15.

One of those dialogues well-rehearsed and presented will earn a B grade. If you include additional content based on vocabulary and grammar from this or last semester you can bring that up to an A.

You can get up to 10 points extra-credit (a full letter grade!) on the final by memorizing and reciting the 王之涣 poem.

学唐诗 (Wed May 2, 2018)

大家要期末考试加分吗?Memorize the poem 登鹳雀楼 [Dēng guàn què lóu] by the Tang dynasty poet 王之涣 [Wáng Zhīhuàn] and get up to ten points extra for the final exam. Below are a couple of links to help you understand the poem:
今天的生词练习 (Wed April 25, 2018)

唱健康歌 (Fri April 6, 2018)

期中考试 (Wed March 14, 2018)

The midterm will be divided into two sections, a project (3月21日) and the written examination (3月19-21日). The project will comprise 20 percent of the midterm grade and the written exam 80 percent. Students should team up with one or two classmates to complete the project. You should work with your team to plan a party. Projects can be videos, skits, posters or other approved format. Each project should address the following aspects of planning a party:
  • Why: What is the reason for the party?
  • Who: Who are the organizers and who is invited?
  • What: Who is going to bring what?
  • When: When is the party being held? What is the schedule?
  • Where: Where is the event taking place?
  • How: How do you get there?
Some things you might include: a map, invitation card, guest list, schedule and menu.
从SATO到你的家怎么走? (Wed February 7, 2018)

Get up to 10 points. Should include directions (往前走,过两个路口就往右拐。) and location in reference to other places (在7-11店旁边的车站上第208路公共汽车。).
请再学习 (Fri January 26, 2018)


Most of the students enrolling in CHIN 202 for spring have Title IX holds on their CSULB accounts. If you have a hold on your account you will not be able to enroll until completing the Title IX training.
Please access Not Anymore training at:
Use your student identification number and password to log on.
Your registration hold will be released approximately one business day after you complete the required training.

注册中文202 (Fri January 26, 2018)

为了注册[zhùcè:register]中文202,请看这个网页:SATO Academy Registration Form