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Lesson 7-1 Study Guide
How Did You Do on the Exam?

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: 李友,你上个星期考试考得怎么样?
: 因为你帮我复习,所以考得不错。但是我写中国字写得太慢了!
: 是吗?以后我跟你一起练习写字,好不好?
  • Comment on one's performance on an exam.
  • Comment on one's character writing.
  • Talk about one's experience in learning Chinese vocabulary and grammar.
  • Talk about one's study habits.
  • Remark on typical scenes from a language class.
  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 20 characters introduced in lesson 7-1.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 7-1. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
说话 shuō huà to talk 
 huà word; speech 
上个 shàng ge the previous one; the last one 
 de (a structural particle) 
复习 fùxí to review 
 xiě to write 
 màn slow 
 zhī (measure word for long, thin, inflexible objects like pens, rifles, etc.) 
 zhāng (measure word for flat objects like paper, pictures, etc.) 
 zhǐ paper 
 jiāo to teach 
怎么 zěnme how; how come 
 dǒng to understand 
 zhēn really 
哪里 nǎli where 
预习 yùxí to preview 
 xué to study; to learn 
  (prefix for ordinal numbers) 
语法 yǔfǎ grammar 
容易 róngyì easy 
生词 shēngcí new words; vocabulary 
 duō many; much 
汉字 hànzì Chinese characters 
 nán difficult