CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Announcements Monday January 27, 2020
Final Grades Posted (Tue December 16, 2014)

Final grades are posted on ChineseHideout now. Let me know if you see any discrepancies. I am willing to round up for students who are on the border, but will take into account your grade on the final written exam and other assignments.

I will not post the grades to myCSULB until the end of the week.

Almost done... (Mon December 15, 2014)

I am almost done grading the finals, but no quite there yet. I have posted all other grades, including the interview scores and extra-credit. Please check that you are getting proper credit for the assignments you completed.

Final grades should be posted by Thursday morning. 

(Sun December 7, 2014)

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Lesson 15 Homework part 3 (Thu November 27, 2014)

對不起!I gave you the wrong homework 15 part 3 in class today. Please use the link here homework 15 part 3, or pick it up in class next time.

The one I gave you has more questions, some of which you already answered in part 2.

Interview Project (Mon November 24, 2014)

Each student will conduct an interview with a native Mandarin speaker. Review the guidelines to make sure the necessary information is covered in your project. Interview transcripts should not only be interesting, but should demonstrate an understanding of the vocabulary and sentence patterns covered throughout the semester.

Interview transcripts should consist of a brief, one paragraph introduction. The introduction can be in English. You should explain why you chose this person to interview, and briefly describe them. The next section of your paper will be a detailed transcript of the interview consisting of both your questions and the answers given. This section must be in Chinese, either characters or pinyin with tones. The final section should be your reflections on the interview both from language and cultural perspectives. This section should be about one page in length. English is fine.

Interviews will be graded on use of vocabulary and grammar, pronunciation, accurate use of language, detailed transcript/notes, and reflections on interview. Remember the interview project counts as 50% of the final examination grade, so please give it the appropriate attention. Completed projects are due on the day of the final exam.

Here are a couple of links to sample interview projects from previous years. The original papers were not typed, but you can use a word processor if you like. The first is a great interview, but does not include the description of the person interviewed. The reflection section should be longer as well.

Quiz 6 Extra-credit (Sat November 22, 2014)

We will do the quiz extra-credit in class. If you did the activity outside of class you can get credit by emailing me an image of your completed activity (3 completed activities for 5pts).
Quiz 6 Oral (Fri November 21, 2014)

Quiz 3 Oral (15pts) (Mon October 6, 2014)

There will be a dialogue assignment for the oral component of quiz 3 (lessons 7-9). Students will pair up and present a dialogue to your instructor during the quiz. Each student will be graded on familiarity with the material (proficiency in asking and answering questions), use of vocabulary, and if your instructor can understand what you are saying.

Create a situation dialogue where you will use as much of the new vocabulary as possible. Students should ask and answer at least 5 questions for a total of at least 10 sentences, 5 questions and 5 answers. Remember it is a dialogue not an interrogation, so both students should ask a few questions. Feel free to use the following questions as a guide:


Quiz 2 Lessons 1-6 Q&A (Thu September 18, 2014)

During the written portion of the quiz (on Wednesday) your instructor will interview each student in the class separately. Be prepared to answer questions using information covered in lessons 1-6. (10 pts)
Sample questions are as follows:
  • 你叫什麼名字? [Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?]
  • 你是哪國人? [Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?]
  • 你媽媽是大夫嗎? [Nǐ māma shì dàifu ma?]
  • 你爸爸是老師嗎? [Nǐ bàba shì lǎoshi ma?]
  • 你的漢語老師是誰? [Nǐ de Hànyǔ lǎoshī shì shéi?]
UPDATE! Quiz 2 Lessons 1-6 (Thu September 18, 2014)

I made a mistake in class on Wednesday. The quiz is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24, not Monday. That gives you another couple of days to prepare. Sorry if I scared any of you. 對不起![dùi bu qĭ]
漢語書 (Wed September 17, 2014)

Check out a couple of scenes from a library in the movie Hero. In these scenes the library is the director's imagination of what a library might have looked like during the early Qin Dynasty at around 200 BC. The books are rolls of bamboo slats sewn together. From these bamboo books it is easy to understand how the character 書 might have come about.

The white story library fight scene shows the fights between Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) and Broken Sword (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), then between Nameless (Jet Li) and Moon (Ziyi Zhang).

In the blue story library scene Nameless, in an effort to get the others to join his plot to assassinate the emperor, demonstrates his 'Death at Ten Paces' move.

Quiz Today Lessons 1-3 (Tue September 9, 2014)

The quiz today will cover pinyin and tones, and the vocabulary and cultural questions from lessons 1-3.

Do you remember the number of characters in everyday use? Can you say "all of us"? How about "none of us"?

Password Update Fixed (Mon September 8, 2014)

Nǐmen hǎo! The update password function is now working as expected.
Get a Chinese Name (Tue September 2, 2014)

Use the site, or ask a Chinese friend or relative to help you get your Chinese name. Write the name down in Chinese characters and pinyin, and bring it to class.

歡迎你跟我學中文! (Sun August 17, 2014)

你好 (Nĭ hăo) and welcome to Chinese 101! You have selected a great language to learn. Studying Chinese will not only be fun, it will also open the door to a vast wealth of literature, history, and culture otherwise unavailable.

My name is Jeff Winters. I will be the instructor for this course. I'm the Language Lab Director at CSULB. I also have the great opportunity to teach Elementary Chinese again this semester. I have been studying Chinese for over 30 years, and teaching Mandarin at Cal State for 15 years. I hope that you will find the Chinese language and culture as interesting as I have.

Use the menu at the top of the page to access information related to the course. In the Syllabus area, you will find details about the course, faculty office hours for the semester, and additional contact information, my expectations, an overview of all assignments, and information about grading and assessment. This is the first information you should read.

The Schedule area lists the topics discussed and the homework assignments due each class meeting.

The Study Guides area contains detailed information about each lesson including interesting links to Chinese language and cultural sites. The Assignments area is where you'll find information about each assignment. These are the two areas you will probably use most during the semester.

In the Gradebook area you will be able to access up-to-date grade information for each assignment, quizzes, and other graded activities.

There is much information available on this site and on the Internet which can enhance your Chinese learning experience. I encourage you to take advantage of this resource.

You are about to embark on a rewarding but challenge journey of discovery. Learning a new language is not an easy task. There will be a great demand on your time, but you will have the chance to become conversationally fluent in one of the most important languages of our time. I am looking forward to working with you this semester!