Lesson 23 Assignments
1. Writing:

Complete the calligraphy practice sheet for this lesson.

Take your time. Write as neatly as possible.

(20 pts) due: Monday, Aug 29th
2. Exercises:
  1. Homework 23-1: Complete homework handout home23-1.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Monday, Aug 29th
  2. Homework 23-2: Complete homework handout home23-2.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Monday, Aug 29th
  3. Homework 23-3: Complete homework handout home23-3.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 31st
  4. 漢字筆順練習(Stroke Order Review): 第二十三課的生子怎麼寫?Use Chinese character writing stroke order rules to number the strokes and stroke directions for new characters from lesson 23.
    (1 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 24th
3. Classroom Activities:
  1. 複習數字(number review) - 學生唱歌,跳舞來複習數字(
    date: Monday, Aug 22nd
  2. Survey Your Classmates - Students use the survey sheet to ask at least ten classmates questions from the survey. Afterwards students share some of their results. 請說漢語!
    date: Monday, Aug 22nd
  3. Describe a Classmate - Divide students into to groups. Invite a random student to the front of the class. Each groups takes turns describing something about the students until a group cannot think of a unique descriptive statement. One point for each description.
    date: Monday, Aug 22nd
  4. Progressive Aspect Memory Chain -

    One student makes a progressive aspect statement--something that happening now. A second student repeats the first student's statement, then adds their own. A third student repeats both the first then second students' statement, then adds their own. Other students continue the chain as long as possible.


    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  5. Chinese Whispers (telephone game) - Students divide into groups of about ten. Each group selects a student to begin the whisper chain. That first student gets a random statement to quickly memorize. Other students in the group form a line. The first student then whispers the statement to a second student. The second student whispers to the next student in the chain, and so on. The last student in the chain selects the printed statement that most closely resembles the message they heard. Use statements related to making telephone calls as the target statement.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  6. 一隻青蛙 - Practice numbers and measure words using the mathematical/drinking game 一隻青蛙.
    date: Monday, Aug 29th
  7. 打電話 - Telephone etiquette including answering the telephone, leaving messages, and calling the wrong number. Use the scenarios on the handout to practice with several classmates classmate.
    date: Monday, Aug 29th
  8. 他在做什麼呢? - Use the picture at to create sentences using the progressive aspect. First teacher models the sentences. Then asks students. Afterwards students practice in their groups.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st
  9. 的時候 and progressive aspect - Use the daily schedule handout to ask what your classmates where doing when you were busy with something else.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st
  10. Review Daily Schedule - Use vocabulary from past lessons to write down what you do during the day on the Daily Schedule handout.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st
  11. Vocabulary Review - Use the table building activity to review vocabulary from lesson 23.
    date: Wednesday, Sep 7th
4. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz - Vocabulary matching quiz on selected vocabulary from lessons 20-23.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  2. Test (L23) -
    date: Wednesday, Sep 7th