Chinese 201 - Intermediate Chinese

I. Instructor
Office Hours:
Prof. Jeff Winters - 溫老師 (Wēn lăoshī)
LAB-318 (Language Lab)
(562) 985-1082
MW 9-9:50 AM (LAB-318) F 1:25-2:10 (Sato Rm A-5) and by appointment
I can generally be located in or around the Language Lab (LAB 306). You are welcome to drop by anytime.

Prof. Jeff Winters - 溫老師 (Wēn lăoshī)
II. Grading Policy

Students earn points in each of the categories below based on their performance. The final course grade will be determined by the following straight letter grading scale based on cumulative points earned: A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69), and F (0-59).

    Grades will be based on the following: