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Lesson 9-2 Study Guide
Exchanging Shoes

(Click to view stroke sequence animation.)

  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 14 characters introduced in lesson 9-2.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 9-2. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
 shuāng (measure word for a pair of something) 
 xié shoe 
 huàn to exchange; to change 
一样 yíyàng same; alike 
虽然 suīrán although 
大小 dàxiǎo size 
咖啡色 kāfēisè brown; coffee color 
 zhǒng (measure word for kind, sort, type) 
 hēi black 
样子 yàngzi style 
 tǐng very; rather 
这儿 zhèr here 
刷卡 shuā kǎ to pay with a credit card 
 shuā to brush; to swipe 
 shōu to receive; to accept 
信用卡 xìnyòngkǎ credit card 
不过 búguò however; but 
 zài again 
付钱 fù qián to pay money 
  to pay