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Lesson 3-1 Study Guide
Taking Someone Out to Eat on His/Her Birthday

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  • Tell and speak about time and dates.
  • Talk about one’s age and birthday.
  • Invite someone to dinner.
  • Arrange a dinner date.
  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 33 characters introduced in lesson 3-1.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 3-1. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
九月 jiǔyuè September 
 yuè month 
十二 shí'èr twelve 
 hào (measure word for number in a series; day of the month) 
星期 xīngqī week 
星期四 xīngqīsì Thursday 
 tiān day 
生日 shēngri birthday 
 shēng to give birth to; to be born 
  sun; day 
今年 jīnnián this year 
 nián year 
 duō how many; how much; to what extent; many 
  big; old 
十八 shíbā eighteen 
 suì years (of age) 
 chī to eat 
 fàn meal; (cooked) rice 
怎么样 zěnmeyàng Is it OK?; How is that?; How does that sound? 
太…了 tài…le too…; extremely… 
谢谢 xièxie to thank 
喜欢 xǐhuan to like 
 cài dishes; cuisine 
还是 háishi or 
可是 kěshì but 
我们 wǒmen we; us 
 diǎn o'clock; dot; point 
 bàn half; half an hour 
晚上 wǎnshang evening; night 
 jiàn to see 
再见 zàijiàn goodbye; see you again 
 zài again 
英国 yīngguó Britain; England