Lesson 15 Assignments
1. Speaking:
  1. Read and record the following paragraph (5 pts):
    溫 [Wēn] surname
    102 [yī líng èr] one oh two
    一百 [yìbǎi] one hundred
    兩 [liǎng] two-used in indicating the number of something

  2. Now tell me a little about yourself (5 or more sentences). Show me what you learned in 101! (10 pts)

The recording function is currently not available. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary and skills covered by in this activity. In lieu of submitting an audio recording you will be required to present all, or portions of this assignment in class.

(0 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 31st
2. Writing:

Use a blank calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing characters you need to review, OR use the calligraphy practice sheet from lesson 15. Fill-in at least one full page of calligraphy.

Take your time. Write as neatly as possible.

(10 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 24th
3. Exercises:
  1. Homework 15-1: Complete the homework handout lesson 15-1.
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  2. Homework 15-2: Complete homework handout home15-2.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Monday, Aug 29th
  3. Homework 15-3: Complete homework handout home15-3.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 31st
4. Classroom Activities:
  1. Get to Know Each Other - Give a brief introduction of yourself in Chinese. You can include your name, nationality, family, studies, and the like.
    date: Monday, Aug 22nd
  2. Counting by Color - Practice numbers from 1-100 by counting the numbers of colored beads aloud.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  3. Survey Your Classmates - Students use the survey sheet to ask at least ten classmates questions from the survey. Afterwards students share some of their results. 請說漢語!
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  4. Chinese Whispers (telephone game) - Students divide into groups of about ten. Each group selects a student to begin the whisper chain. That first student gets a random statement to quickly memorize. Other students in the group form a line. The first student then whispers the statement to a second student. The second student whispers to the next student in the chain, and so on. The last student in the chain selects the printed statement that most closely resembles the message they heard.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  5. Vocabulary Review (in class) -

    Repeat the online review activity using either the Table Building activity from lessons 1-15, OR the Chinese Character Challenge.

    date: Monday, Aug 29th
  6. About the Chinese Department - Share at least one fact about studying Chinese at CSULB with the rest of the class.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st
5. Extra-Credit:
  1. Introduce one of your new classmates to the rest of the class (up to 5 pts extra-credit).
    due: Monday, Aug 22nd
  2. Use a blank calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing characters to review from lessons 1-15. Fill-in at least one full page of calligraphy.

    Take your time. Write as neatly as possible.

    due: Wednesday, Aug 31st
6. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz - Vocabulary matching quiz on selected vocabulary from lessons 12-15.
    date: Wednesday, Aug 24th
  2. Test (L1-15) -
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st
  3. Test (L1-15) extra-credit - Partner up with one or two of your classmates and create a short dialogue using vocabulary from Chinese 101. You can use dialogues from your textbook as a guide (up to 5 pts extra credit).
    date: Wednesday, Aug 31st