Lesson 17 Assignments
1. Speaking:

Translate and record the following:

My good friend has class today [jīntiān]. He is very busy. At 1:30 he went to the dining hall, at 2:15 he even has speaking class. At five minutes to two his girlfriend comes looking for him. She tells him that they were going with a friend to the café that afternoon at 4:30. My friend said, "Okay, I have to go to class now. See you at 4:00!"

The recording function is currently not available. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary and skills covered by in this activity. In lieu of submitting an audio recording you will be required to present all, or portions of this assignment in class.

(0 pts) due: Monday, Sep 26th
2. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Fill-in the empty columns with characters of your choosing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 17.
(20 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 21st
3. Exercises:
  1. Homework 17-1: Complete homework handout home17-1.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Sep 19th
  2. Homework 17-2: Complete homework handout home17-2.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 21st
  3. Homework 17-3: Complete homework handout home17-3.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Sep 26th
  4. Stroke Order Activity: In a small group write the correct stroke sequence and direction for several of the new characters introduced in this lesson. When your group is finished share your findings with your classmates in other groups.
    (10 pts) due: Monday, Sep 19th
4. Classroom Activities:
  1. 幾點BINGO - Using a 現在幾點? BINGO card mark off times read out by the instructor. First students to fill out one row, or column get a prize--flash cards, extra-points, or lab hours.
    date: Monday, Sep 19th
  2. What time do you do that? - Ask three people what time they do something:



    date: Monday, Sep 19th
  3. 幾點回家? - Ask two people the following two questions and then share with the class:
    date: Wednesday, Sep 21st
  4. 跟誰一起Chain - 學生1說,“我跟學生2一起action."
    date: Wednesday, Sep 21st
5. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz - Vocabulary matching quiz on selected vocabulary from lessons 16-17.
    date: Wednesday, Sep 21st
  2. Test (L17) -
    date: Monday, Sep 26th
  3. Test L17 extra-credit -

    You can get some additional points on the last test by correcting and re-submitting the short passage section. Submit your original quiz with the re-written passage on Monday, October 3.

    date: Monday, Oct 3rd