Lesson 18 Assignments
1. Speaking:

Jot down your notes and record your side of the following conversation:

You are going to go on a blind date. You need to call your date to explain your plans. You should include where and when to meet. You should also provide some way for your date to recognize you: what kind of car you drive; the clothes you will be wearing; and maybe something you will be carrying so it will be easier to identify you.

The recording function is currently not available. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary and skills covered by in this activity. In lieu of submitting an audio recording you will be required to present all, or portions of this assignment in class.

(0 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 5th
2. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet (OR use the smaller font version) to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Fill-in the empty columns with characters of your choosing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 18.
(10 pts) due: Monday, Oct 3rd
3. Exercises:
  1. Homework 18-1: Complete homework handout home18-1.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 28th
  2. Homework 18-2: Complete homework handout home18-2.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Oct 3rd
  3. Homework 18-3: Complete homework handout home18-3.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 5th
  4. Stroke Order Activity: Complete this activity for a total of ten points.
    (0 pts) due: Monday, Oct 3rd
4. Classroom Activities:
  1. 每 + MW + Noun + 都 -
    date: Wednesday, Sep 28th
  2. 你的一天 - Answer questions about your average day using the 每 + MW + 都 pattern.
    date: Wednesday, Sep 28th
  3. 問答: Daily Routines - 問兩個人三個每天的問題。Ask questions about daily routines and assemble a narration using answers from the class.
    date: Monday, Oct 3rd
  4. 造句: Verb + Object - List several verbs we learned so far in Chinese 102 and appropriate objects for each, then make sentences using the verb + object combinations.
    date: Monday, Oct 3rd
  5. Vocabulary Practice - Use the ChineseHideout Table Building Activity to practice recent vocabulary. Record the highest score.
    date: Monday, Oct 3rd
  6. 吃水餃! - 老師請學生吃吃水餃。
    date: Wednesday, Oct 12th
5. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Midterm (L15-18) - This is the written portion of the midterm. It will contain pinyin, translation, and reading comprehension.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 5th
  2. Midterm (Oral) - In this portion of the midterm you will answer five questions selected at random from lessons 15-18.
    date: Monday, Oct 10th
  3. Midterm (Listening) -
    聽力 - Listening Comprehension: Go to the Chinese Take-In Listening Comprehension page. Listen carefully to each recording below then select the best response to each question. You can listen as many times as necessary. Select a response for all the questions then press the "Submit" button to submit your answers. You can submit only one time, so review your responses before submitting.
    date: Monday, Oct 10th