Lesson 20 Assignments
1. Speaking:
Prepare and record the following questions, then ask them to one of the Chinese tutors in the language lab. Have the tutor initial your paper and turn it in with your homework.
  • May I ask your name?
  • How old are you this year?
  • When is your birthday (which month which day)
  • What days of the week do you work? What time?
  • Are you free to tutor me on some day of the week at a certain time? (Choose a day and time that is good for you.)

The recording function is currently not available. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary and skills covered by in this activity. In lieu of submitting an audio recording you will be required to present all, or portions of this assignment in class.

(0 pts) due: Monday, Oct 31st
2. Writing:
Write each character at least 12 times, or complete the the entire two pages for an additional 15 points.
(15 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 26th
3. Exercises:
  1. Homework 20-1: Complete homework handout home20-1.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 26th
  2. Homework 20-2: Complete homework handout home20-2.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Oct 31st
  3. Homework 20-3: Complete homework handout home20-3.pdf
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Nov 2nd
  4. Stroke Order Activity: Complete this activity for a total of ten points.
    (0 pts) due: Monday, Oct 31st
4. Online Activities:
Listening Comprehension - Go to the listening comprehension page. Listen to each question then select the most appropriate response for each situation.
(0 pts) due: Wednesday, Nov 2nd
5. Cultural Questions
The following questions relate to the cultural section of this lesson. Generally you will be able to find the answers by reading your textbook. You can write the answers on the back of your calligraphy, or other homework sheet.
  1. Name the four major holidays celebrated in the Chinese lunar calendar.
  2. What is the number of the current year according to the Chinese lunar calendar?
(5 pts) due: Monday, Nov 7th
6. Classroom Activities:
  1. 這個月 - Complete the calendar for this month filling in year, month, days of week, days of month, this next and last week, today, tomorrow, and yesterday.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 26th
  2. 你的生日是幾月幾號? - 問兩個同學他們的生日是幾月幾號?
    date: Wednesday, Oct 26th
  3. Guess 幾號 - Make up a riddle about a day, and see if your classmates can guess what day you are describing. Something like:
    date: Monday, Oct 31st
  4. 約會 - Using the example from the lesson 20 dialogue make a 約會[yuēhuì] appointment to meet a friend to study.
    date: Wednesday, Nov 2nd
  5. 知道還是認識? - Students give an example using the appropriate term either 知道 or 認識.
      For Example:
    • 我們都認識這個漢字。
    • 你知道這個字的意思嗎?
    date: Wednesday, Nov 2nd
  6. 日期問答 - Answer questions about dates and the calendar.
    date: Wednesday, Nov 2nd
7. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz - Vocabulary matching quiz on selected vocabulary from lessons 19-20.
    date: Monday, Oct 31st
  2. Test (L20) -
    date: Monday, Nov 7th
  3. Test (L20) Extra-credit - Use your Chinese language skills to arrange an appointment with one of the Chinese tutors in the Language Lab (up to 5 points extra credit)
    date: Monday, Nov 14th