Lesson 19 Assignments
1. Speaking:

Jot down your notes and record your side of the following conversation:

You are at a café with a friend. Find out what your friend would like to drink. Then order for both you and your friend.

After ordering ask your friend what type of music they like.

The recording function is currently not available. Make sure you are familiar with the vocabulary and skills covered by in this activity. In lieu of submitting an audio recording you will be required to present all, or portions of this assignment in class.

(0 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 19th
2. Writing:
Write each character at least 12 times, or complete the the entire two pages for an additional 15 points.
(15 pts) due: Monday, Oct 10th
3. Exercises:
  1. Homework 19-1: Complete homework handout home19-1.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 12th
  2. Homework 19-2: Complete homework handout home19-2.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Oct 17th
  3. Homework 19-3: Complete homework handout home19-3.pdf
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 19th
  4. Stroke Order Activity: Complete this activity for a total of ten points.
    (0 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 12th
4. Cultural Questions
The following questions relate to the cultural section of this lesson. Generally you will be able to find the answers by reading your textbook. You can write the answers on the back of your calligraphy, or other homework sheet.
  1. Name three types of tea produced in China.
  2. Where does the English word "tea" originate?
(2 pts) due: Monday, Oct 17th
5. Classroom Activities:
  1. 用「還是」造句 - 用還是造句[zàojù: make sentence]。
    date: Wednesday, Oct 12th
  2. 用學,想,要,喜歡 - 用學,想,要,還是喜歡造句[zàojù: make sentence]。Use 學,想,要,or 喜歡 + Verb + Obj
    date: Wednesday, Oct 12th
  3. 服務員說什麼? - 兩個學生一起練習[liànxí: practice]商店用的生詞。一個學生當服務員 ,一個當客人。
    客人:我要_#_ _mw_。
    服務員:給你_#_ _mw_ _noun_。
    date: Monday, Oct 17th
  4. 喜歡做什麼? - Survey your classmates to see what they like to do.
    date: Monday, Oct 17th
  5. 對話問答 - Answer questions about the dialogue and supplemental reading passage for lesson 19.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 19th
  6. 跟老師一起喝茶 - 老師請學生喝花茶,烏龍[wūlóng]茶,和鐵觀音[tiéguānyīn]茶。
    date: Monday, Oct 24th
6. Tests and Quizzes:
  1. Vocabulary Quiz - Vocabulary matching quiz on selected vocabulary from lessons 18-19.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 19th
  2. Test (L19) -
    date: Monday, Oct 24th