CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Assignments Practical Chinese Reader - 實用漢語
PCR Lesson 14 Assignments
1. Vocabulary & Grammar Survey:
After reading and reflecting on the information introduced in your textbook and in the Study Guide section for this lesson, answer the following questions:
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I have reviewed the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 14 using one or more of the following strategies:
  •    (please list)  
  •    (please list)  
(5 pts) due: Monday, Nov 17th
2. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet (OR use the smaller font version) to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. There are two pages of calligraphy for this lesson. Take your time. Write carefully. Use the blank columns on the second page to practice characters you have difficulty writing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 14.
(20 pts) due: Monday, Nov 17th
3. Exercises:
  1. Complete homework assignment lesson 14 part 1. (answers)
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Nov 17th
  2. Complete homework assignment lesson 14 part 2. (answers)
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Nov 19th
  3. Prepare interview questions (at least 10) and interview one of the Chinese tutors in the Language Lab. Alternately you can interview a Chinese teacher. Submit your questions and the answers provided by the person you interviewed. (up to 20 extra-credit pts, or 1 hour lab credit)
    (0 pts) due: Monday, Nov 24th
4. Classroom Activities:
  1. Asking and Answering 有 Questions - Ask and answer at least two questions using the 有...嗎? or 有沒有? sentence structures.
    date: Wednesday, Nov 12th
  2. 你作什麼工作? - Answer the question 你作什麼工作? or 你在哪兒工作?Sample answers:
    • 我是大夫。
    • 我在銀行工作。
    • 我沒有工作,我是學生。
    date: Monday, Nov 17th
  3. Asking questions using 有沒有 - Ask three people three questions each using the affirmative-negative question structure 有沒有. For example:
    date: Monday, Nov 17th
  4. Class Survey - Make a list of questions and survey at least ten of your classmates. Sample questions are:
    • 你叫什麼名字?
    • 你是哪國人?
    • 你作什麼工作?
    • 你住在宿舍嗎?
    • 你有沒有男/女朋友?
    • 你吸煙嗎?
    • 你有車嗎?
    date: Monday, Nov 17th
  5. Substitution Practice - Substitution Drill: Pair up and using the substitution dialogs in the text under lesson 14 to make your own dialog. Practice your dialog a few times then record it. Save and upload your recording to the course drop box.
    date: Monday, Nov 17th
  6. Practice for Interview - Practice interviewing one of your classmates. Ask at least five questions. Use some of the following questions, or make your own:
    date: Wednesday, Nov 19th
  7. 用給造句 - 用給造句[zào jù: create sentences] Make a sentence using 給. For example: 他朋友去商店給他買筆。
    date: Wednesday, Nov 19th
  8. Sentence Scramble - In a small group assemble the scrambled sentences then organize the unscrambled sentences into a narrative.
    date: Wednesday, Nov 19th
  9. Memrise Practice - Review vocabulary from lessons 14 and 15 using the online vocabulary building tools at
    date: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
5. Extra-Credit:
Complete the following exercises from your textbook. Write in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper (10 points).
  • Exercise 2 on page 117, and
  • Exercise 3 on page 118.
due: Wednesday, Nov 19th