CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Assignments Practical Chinese Reader - 實用漢語
PCR Lesson 15 Assignments
1. Vocabulary & Grammar Survey:
After reading and reflecting on the information introduced in your textbook and in the Study Guide section for this lesson, answer the following questions:
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I have reviewed the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 15 using one or more of the following strategies:
  •    (please list)  
  •    (please list)  
(5 pts) due: Monday, Dec 1st
2. Speaking:
  1. Translate the following sentences into Chinese and record:
    There are 98 students in our Chinese Department.
    There are 6 teachers.
    Professor Wang teaches us spoken language, grammar and Chinese characters.
    I often study and read books in the library.
    There are Chinese books, magazines, newspapers and Chinese dictionaries in the library.
  2. Translate the following questions into Chinese and add these to your recording:
    How many students are there in your Chinese Department?
    How many teachers are there?
    Who teaches you spoken language, grammar and Chinese characters?
    Where do you study Chinese?
    What is (available) in the library?
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(0 pts) due: Monday, Dec 1st
3. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Take your time. Write carefully. Use the blank columns on the second page to practice characters you have difficulty writing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 15.
(20 pts) due: Monday, Nov 24th
4. Exercises:
  1. Complete the homework handout lesson 15-1. (answers)
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Dec 1st
  2. Complete the homework handout lesson 15-2. (answers)
    (20 pts) due: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
  3. Complete the homework handout lesson 15-3. (The composition should have at least 10 sentences.) (answers)
    (20 pts) due: Monday, Dec 8th
  4. Write sentences for each of the nouns in the measure word classroom activity. Get up to 20 extra-credit homework points.
    (0 pts) due: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
5. Online Activities:
Vocabulary Review (Homework) - For this assignment review the vocabulary we have learned this semester using the online table-building activity. For each completed activity you can choose 2 pts homework to a max of 40 pts, or 5 minutes lab time to a max of 2 hours.
(0 pts) due: Monday, Dec 15th
6. Classroom Activities:
  1. 你家有幾個人? - Ask at least five of your fellow students how many brothers and sisters they have. Answer using the correct measure word.
    For example:
    Q: 你有幾個哥哥弟弟姐姐妹妹? OR 你有幾個兄弟(xiōngdì)姐妹?
    A: 我有一個哥哥三個妹妹,沒有姐姐弟弟。
    date: Monday, Nov 24th
  2. Interview Questions - Get together in a small group and prepare at least ten good questions you could ask for your interview.
    date: Monday, Dec 1st
  3. 個 or 本 - Measure Words: Choose the most appropriate measure word for a given list of nouns.
    date: Monday, Dec 1st
  4. Translate to Pinyin and English - Complete the table provided by your instructor. Fill-in the blank columns with the appropriate pinyin and English translations. After completing the table check your answers with two of your classmates.
    date: Monday, Dec 1st
  5. Using 有 for there is/there are - With a small group of your classmates assemble the places and objects provided by your teacher to make comprehensible sentences.
    date: Monday, Dec 1st
  6. Asking About School - In small groups of two or three write down at least four questions you can ask someone about their school and/or department. Use the dialogue from lesson 15 as a guide.
    date: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
  7. Sentence Scramble - In a small group organized the character cards into sentences and then into a comprehensive narrative.
    date: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
  8. Interview Practice - Practice interview skills by creating appropriate follow-up questions.
    date: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
  9. Adding/Subtracting Numbers - Read addition and subtraction problems in Chinese.
    date: Wednesday, Dec 3rd
  10. Review 我是誰? - Use your Chinese communication skills to discover which students match the descriptions given in the 我是誰 handout.
    date: Monday, Dec 8th
  11. Memrise Practice - Use the activities at the site to review the vocabulary covered in Chinese 101.
    date: Monday, Dec 8th
  12. Vocabulary Challenge - See who can answer the most questions in 3 minutes using the Chinese Hideout Vocabulary Challenge at
    date: Monday, Dec 8th
7. Extra-Credit:
  1. The Final Calligraphy Practice is 10 pages and worth up to 50 homework points. Hopefully it will not only be helpful for those who missed a few homework assignments, but will also benefit anyone who can use some extra practice with characters before the final exam.
    due: Monday, Dec 15th
  2. You can download an additional worksheet for lesson 15 as practice if you like (up to 10 pts extra credit). (answers)
    due: Monday, Dec 15th
  3. There is also a six page practice worksheet for lesson 15 (up to 30 pts extra credit). (answers)
    due: Monday, Dec 15th
  4. Get extra-credit for reciting the Li Bai poem from memory (20 homework points, one hour Language Lab, or 10 quiz points).
    due: Monday, Dec 15th