CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Assignments Practical Chinese Reader - 實用漢語
PCR Lesson 7 Assignments
1. Vocabulary & Grammar Survey:
After reading and reflecting on the information introduced in your textbook and in the Study Guide section for this lesson, answer the following questions:
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I have reviewed the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 7 using one or more of the following strategies:
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Answer the following questions based on your reading and review of your textbook and the Study Guide section for lesson 7.
1. In Chinese questions using an interrogative pronoun like 什麼 have the same word order as a declarative sentence.
2. What do the Chinese call the Yangtze river?

3. What is the Chinese name for the Great Wall?

4. Pàlánkǎ de māma shì lǎoshī ma?

5. 那是什麼地圖?

(5 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 24th
2. Speaking:

Read the following:

shén me dì tú kàn cháng jiāng huán hé běi jīng
shàng hăi huáng hé chéng

shénme dìtú shéi de Zhōngguó nǐ kàn Běijīng Shànghăi
Cháng Jiāng Huáng Hé Chángchéng

Zhè shì shénme?
Zhè shì dìtú.
Zhè shì shéi de dìtú?
Zhè shì Gŭbō de dìtú.
Nà shì shéi de dìtú?
Nà shì wŏ de dìtú.
Zhè shì Zhōngguó dìtú ma?
Bú shì, zhè shì Měiguó dìtú.
Zhè shì Shànghăi ma?
Shì, zhè shì Shànghăi.
Nà shì Chángchéng ma?
Bú shì, nà shì Huáng Hé. Zhè shì Cháng Jiāng.
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(0 pts) due: Monday, Sep 29th
3. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Fill-in the empty columns with characters of your choosing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 7.
(10 pts) due: Monday, Sep 29th
4. Exercises:
Print out the writing practice sheet and follow the instructions on the sheet (text only version) (answers)
(10 pts) due: Monday, Sep 29th
5. Classroom Activities:
  1. 中國地圖 - Locate the following on a 中國地圖:
    • The capital city of China
    • Two other large Chinese cities
    • One river
    • The Great Wall 萬里長城
    date: Wednesday, Sep 24th
  2. Answering Questions - Answer questions from lessons 1-7.
    date: Monday, Sep 29th
  3. 什麼Noun 誰的Noun - Point to an object in the classroom and ask two of your classmates:
    date: Wednesday, Oct 1st
  4. Welcoming a Guest - Partner Role Play: Use the vocabulary learned in lesson 7 to welcome a guest.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 1st
6. Extra-Credit:
  1. Print out the supplementary exercises for lesson 7 and follow the instructions on the sheet (plain text). (10 pts) (answers)
    due: Wednesday, Oct 1st
  2. Discover 中國! Locate a destination in China--a place you would someday like to visit. Explain briefly what about that place interests you and share that information with the rest of the class. Include the Chinese place name in both characters and pinyin. (up to 10 points extra-credit)
    See a sample.
    due: Wednesday, Oct 1st