CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Assignments Practical Chinese Reader - 實用漢語
PCR Lesson 2 Assignments
1. Vocabulary & Grammar Survey:
After reading and reflecting on the information introduced in your textbook and in the Study Guide section for this lesson, answer the following questions:
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I have reviewed the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 2 using one or more of the following strategies:
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Answer the following questions based on your reading and review of your textbook and the Study Guide section for lesson 2.
1. Which tone starts with a dip then rises (ˇ)?

2. Which tone starts high and falls sharply (`)?

3. When there are two or more third tones in sequence all but the last third tone are pronounced as a second tone.
4. Which of the following is a strategy for making a question in Mandarin?

5. 也 [yě] is an adverb which means also. Where is it used in a sentence?

(5 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 27th
2. Speaking:

Read the following:

me e ou ie en
ne wŏ yĕ ma hĕn hăo

Nĭ hăo ma?
Wŏ hĕn hăo. Nĭ ne?
Yĕ hĕn hăo.

Wǒ zhīdào
Wǒ bù zhīdào
Wǒ dǒng
Wǒ bù dǒng
Book hànyǔ zěnme shuō?
Nǐ hǎo
Bú kèqi
Duì bu qǐ
Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?
Wǒ jiào Jane.
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(0 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 3rd
3. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Fill-in the empty columns with characters of your choosing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 2.
(in class) (5 pts) due: Wednesday, Aug 27th
4. Cultural Questions:
The following questions relate to the cultural section of this lesson. Generally you will be able to find the answers by reading your textbook.
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1. What is the estimated number of Chinese characters?

2. How many characters are in common use?

3. How many characters are in everyday use?

(2 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 3rd
5. Translation
Translate the following sentences in Chinese characters (You can write the translated sentences on the back of your calligraphy sheet):
How are you?
I am fine. How about you?
(I am) also fine.
(2 pts) due: Wednesday, Sep 3rd
6. Classroom Activities:
  1. First Conversation - Conduct a conversation with at least three of your classmate using the following dialog as a guideline:
    A: 你好嗎?
    B: 我很好。Xièxie,你呢?
    A: (我)也很好。Xièxie。
    date: Wednesday, Aug 27th
  2. Using Classroom Vocabulary - Use at least two phrases from the list of classroom vocabulary during class.
    date: Wednesday, Sep 3rd
  3. Slap, clap, snap Chinese-English - Students separate into two large groups. The instructor will hand out slips of paper containing the English translation of one of the classroom vocabulary items. Players slap their laps twice, clap their hands twice, then snap their fingers twice. On the first finger snap the person who begins says the Chinese translation for their vocabulary word. On the second snap they say the English of one of their teammates.
    date: Wednesday, Sep 3rd