CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
Assignments Practical Chinese Reader - 實用漢語
PCR Lesson 9 Assignments
1. Vocabulary & Grammar Survey:
After reading and reflecting on the information introduced in your textbook and in the Study Guide section for this lesson, answer the following questions:
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I have reviewed the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 9 using one or more of the following strategies:
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Answer the following questions based on your reading and review of your textbook and the Study Guide section for lesson 9.
1. The verb 姓 means which of the following?

2. In the question "請問,您貴姓?" what does 貴 mean?

3. You meet your teacher for the first time. Which is the most appropriate way to ask them their name?

4. Which of the following statements about Gǔbō and Pàlánkǎ are true?

5. Which of the following statements about Dīng Yún are true?

(5 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 1st
2. Speaking:

Read the following:

guì jiào xìng wèn xué shēng yuàn xí liú wài

qǐngwèn, xuésheng, guì xìng, jiào, wàiyŭ, xuéyuàn, xuéxí, Hànyŭ, liúxuéshēng

Qǐngwèn, nín shì Zhōngguó rén ma?
Wŏ bú shì Zhōngguó rén. Wŏ shì Měiguó rén.
Nín guì xìng? Wŏ xìng Xiè. Wŏ jiào Xiè Guóyŏu.
Nǐ shì wàiyŭ xuéyuàn de xuésheng ma?
Shì. Wŏ shì wàiyŭ xuéyuàn de xuésheng. Wŏ xuéxí Hànyŭ.
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(0 pts) due: Monday, Oct 6th
3. Writing:
Use the calligraphy practice sheet to practice writing the characters introduced in this lesson. Take your time. Write carefully. Use the blank columns on the second page to practice characters you have difficulty writing.
As an alternative you may write one complete Chinese sentence in pinyin or characters for each character introduced in lesson 9.
(10 pts) due: Monday, Oct 6th
4. Exercises:
  1. Complete the homework practice sheet (plain text), and (answers)
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 8th
  2. Print out the review exercise for lessons 7 to 9 and follow the instructions on the sheet (plain text). (answers)
    (10 pts) due: Wednesday, Oct 8th
5. Classroom Activities:
  1. Asking Names -
    Ask three people what their name is using the appropriate question from the following:
    Formal (respectful): 請問,您貴姓?
    Casual (peers and lower): 你姓什麼?
    Very casual (peers and lower): 你叫什麼?
    date: Wednesday, Oct 1st
  2. Asking Names part 2 - Use 您貴姓?你叫什麼? to get the names of at least three of your classmates. See who can remember the most names.
    date: Monday, Oct 6th
  3. 是誰?誰的? - Complete the worksheet by interviewing your classmates finding the names of those who satisfy the conditions on the worksheet.
    date: Wednesday, Oct 8th
  4. Chinese Culture: 中國書 - Examine contemporary Chinese books published in Taiwan and China.
    date: Monday, Oct 13th