CHIN101-05 FALL 2014
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PCR Lesson 7 Study Guide

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  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 5 characters introduced in lesson 7 using your writing workbook, Cyberchinese-Online, or right here on this page. Click the Chinese characters listed at the top of the page.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 7. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
  • Be able to confidently ask and answer the questions: Whose is this...? What is this...?
  • Fluently use the following words and sentences in Mandarin:
    1. what, map, look
    2. Whose map is this?
    3. What map is this?
    4. Look!
New Vocabulary:
Chinese Pinyin English
什麼 shénme what 
地圖 dìtú map 
 kàn to look 
Supplemental Vocabulary:
Chinese Pinyin English
北京 Bĕijīng Beijing 
上海 Shànghăi Shanghai 
長江 Cháng Jiāng The Yangtze River 
黃河 Huáng Hé The Yellow River 
長城 Chángchéng The Great Wall 
Proper Names:
Chinese Pinyin English
世界 shìjiè world 
歐洲 Oū Zhōu Europe 
非洲 Fēi Zhōu Africa 
大洋洲 Dàyáng Zhōu Oceania 
南美洲 Nán Mĕi Zhōu South America 
Additional language and cultural resources:
  • Are you familiar with with the layout of China. Can you locate 北京 (Bĕijīng)? What about 上海 (Shànghăi), 長江 (Chángjiāng), and 黃河 (Huánghé)? Below are a couple of maps you can use for reference. There is also a simple map in your textbook.
  • The Interrogative 什麼 [shénme]: what, what kind:

    Similar to the English equivalent 什麼 can be used by itself, as the object of a sentence, or placed before a noun to ask for more specific information.

    Like the content question words introduced in the previous lesson the word order of 什麼 questions is the same as their answer. The question is answered by replacing the question word with an appropriate answer.

    Question: 什麼What?
    Answer: 你忙嗎? Are you busy?
    Question: 這是什麼地圖? What kind of map is this?
    Answer: 那是中國地圖。 That is a map of China.
    Question: 那是什麼書? What kind of book is that?
    Answer: 這是我的漢語書。 This is my Chinese book.
    Question: 她是什麼老師? What kind of teacher is she?
    Answer: 她是漢語老師。 She is a Mandarin teacher.